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friendless::games::filler::PopupFillerBoard Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for friendless::games::filler::PopupFillerBoard:


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Detailed Description

A FillerBoard in a popup window. This is very useful for debugging. It is not used in the normal game.

John Farrell

Definition at line 27 of file PopupFillerBoard.java.

Public Member Functions

void addNotify ()
int changeColourCountScore (FillerSpace space, int newColour, int origin, boolean fast)
int countScore (int origin, FillerSpace space)
Dimension getMinimumSize ()
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
void popdown ()
void popup ()
void popup (String name)
 PopupFillerBoard (FillerModel model)
Image resetOffscreenImage ()
void restart (boolean remoteGame)
void setBounds (int x, int y, int w, int h)

Static Public Member Functions

static void popup (FillerModel model, String name)

Protected Attributes

JFrame frame
FillerModel model
Image off

Package Functions

void drawHex (Graphics g, Color c, int i)
void drawHexCentre (Graphics g, Color c, int p)
void drawLeft (Graphics g, Color c, Point n)
void drawRight (Graphics g, Color c, Point n)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
static final Point bottomRight (int i)
static Color contrastingColour (Color c)
static final Point topLeft (int i)

Static Package Attributes

static Point[] botRights
static Point[] topLefts

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