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friendless::games::filler::PlayerWrapper Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A wrapper around a player class to provide some player-related functionality, such as the name of the player if it is distinct from the class. This will (eventually) be the case for human players.

John Farrell

Definition at line 27 of file PlayerWrapper.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object o)
String getDescription ()
String getFullName ()
String getIcon ()
String getName ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isEnabled ()
 PlayerWrapper (String className, ResourceBundle resources)
void setEnabled (boolean enabled)
void setName (String name)
void setRatings ()
String toString ()

Package Functions

void getDetailsFromClass ()
FillerPlayer getInstance ()
Class getPlayerClass ()
int getRating ()
int[] getRecordAgainst (PlayerWrapper opponent)
String getShortHeadToHead (PlayerWrapper opponent)

Package Attributes

String className
boolean enabled
Class fpClass
String icon
String name
PlayerRating rating
ResourceBundle resources

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